Wedding What To Expect

Wedding What To Expect

{My Goal}
My goal for photographing your wedding is to produce images that tell the story of your day from the very beginning to the very end. The ‘Love Story’ press-printed book isn’t a photo album of pictures. It’s a story. It is a way to live your day over and over again. Some couples spend years and many thousands of dollars planning their wedding and it goes by in 12 hours, just like any other day. The only one who can make that day last forever is the photographer. Please be sure to read the booking, payment, & other important information as well. Please note that all prices are subject to change at any time, with or without notice.

{What to Expect}
Depending on which collection was purchased, I typically like to start with the bride getting ready in the morning and follow her all throughout the day. After the ceremony, we can go somewhere special for a short private session. This gives the couple time to breathe and be alone for a moment and allows us to get images free from other cameras and guests. Then I photograph the reception leading up to the first dance. The end product is a beautiful 10×10 art cloth printed book I like to call the “Love Story”.

{Engagement Sessions}
My weddings always include an engagement session to capture images that can be used in the invitations or Save the Date cards may also be purchased for an additional fee. The engagement session helps us get to know each other so that by the time your big day arrives; we will both be comfortable and happy working together. And it’s something fun to look forward to once all the planning is complete and you’re just waiting for the date to come around!

I want my clients to feel that the photography isn’t just about making a record of the wedding day itself. But, rather, a part of the celebration of what they have found: each other. And this extends past the actual wedding date itself.

{On the Day}
I really enjoy starting the day with the bride getting ready with all her girls. There are so many beautiful moments that start from the moment the bridal party arrives and it’s an excellent way to start to tell your wedding story in pictures. With my unique style, I’m a fly on the wall capturing every laugh and making it last for infinity and beyond. I’ve been told by one father-of-the-bride, that I was subtle and unobtrusive, even though I was at the top of the aisle throughout the whole ceremony! I pride myself on professionalism and classiness {even if it’s not actually a word!} and depending on which package you purchased, a second photographer will be provided to stay with the men and capture the manly things that men do upon this day, after all if it wasn’t for the ‘man who stole her heart’ there would be no bride.