Wedding Frequently Asked Questions


How much are your Wedding Event Packages?
Prices start out at $800 and if you haven’t viewed my Wedding Pricing, you can do so by clicking here.

Do you travel?
Yes, I do! Locations further than 30 miles from the 65337 area code will require an additional fee of $1 per additional mile (to and from event location) and will be added on to your final event price. Please be sure to double check if you are unsure if the town you live in will require the travel fee or contact me.

How far in advance should I schedule my event?
The sooner you book the better. Spots will fill up fast, especially weekends. Weddings are best booked at least six months to a year in advanced.

How do I go about reserving you for my event?
A non-refundable deposit of $300 is due via PayPal within 48 hours of booking your event with me. If your retainer fee is not paid within 48 hours of booking your event, I will cancel the electronic invoice and the date we discussed will no longer be available to you.

When is the remaining amount due for my event?
The full balance is due one month before your event, no exceptions. This can be paid via Cash or PayPal only.

Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, as long as PayPal accepts it we accept it. All debit or credit transactions will be done through PayPal.

How do you dress?
I usually put my right leg in first… just kidding! I usually wear dress pants and a dress shirt to your event. I may even try to color coordinate with the colors of your event. I feel I blend in more that way, than stick out as a sore thumb if I wear a dress suit. I usually don’t wear anything around my neck as it tends to get in the way of my camera gear.

Do you take Black and White photos?
Yes, I provide you with both color as well as black and white photos.

Do you photograph more than one event?
No, your Wedding Date is reserved exclusively for you.

Do you have backup equipment?
Yes, I do!

How many pictures will you take at my event?
This answer will vary depending on the package you purchased but if I had to guess I can say anywhere over 350 images for approximately eight hours of coverage.

Do you offer digital negatives?
Again, this answer will also vary depending on the package you purchased but, yes I do offer digital negatives from your event.

Do you offer Engagement pictures?
Yes, I do offer an Engagement session throughout the Whiteman Air Force Base and surrounding areas with each Wedding event package purchased. If you live outside of the 30 mile radius or are not willing to travel to my local area for an Engagement session then the travel charges will apply of $1 per additional mile (to and from location) and will be added on to your final event price.

Are two photographers better than one?
Not necessarily. For the majority of small and intimate weddings, one good photographer is enough. Of course, there are events that are too large for one photographer to be sufficient and we do suggest that those with more then 150 people probably call for two photographers.

Do you use assistants?
Since we are there to document your wedding in a more natural way, I don’t typically use an assistant. With our documentary approach, assistants would actually get in the way and we would not be able to blend in and tell the story as it unfolds. Assistants are used more by traditional photographers who tend to do lots of posing. With Rose Lee Photography, if you hire two photographers you will get two photographers photographing your day and not a primary and their helper. Each photographer will work extremely hard to assure that your coverage is seamless and your experience is excellent.