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I guess you can say when we were military and lived on base off of Blake Rdg, we had the best seats in the house to Whiteman AFB’s yearly fireworks display. My daughter, Gabrielle and my husband can be seen in a few images. The rest I took as portfolio work and to play around with the nighttime function on my camera. Enjoy!

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Thank you for your interest in Rose Lee Photography’s Bundle Packaging and Pricing.
This section is undergoing some major changes for 2016.
Please contact Rose Lee for a price quote, at this time.
Your milestone memories of your little one is precious to me!

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  • Brenda Arincorayan - Aloha,
    We recently moved to the area and are expecting #3 in October. I received your information from a local facebook community thread. I was curious your pricing for labor & delivery, and if you have any combinations with maternity and/or fresh 48/NB photos.
    Thank you,

    • Rose Lee - Hello Miss Brenda,

      I would be more than happy to send you the information regarding my packages and prices. Could you use the contact form to email me, so I can reply back to you that way. Thank you.ReplyCancel

rlp_summer minisPINIMAGEHave you been waiting for that Summer Special? Wait no more cause Rose Lee Photography’s Summer Mini’s Are Here!!!

$75 Mini Portrait Session; this excludes Milestones, Newborns, Births, and Boudoir Portraiture.

45 minutes for 10 digital images. Online Gallery and you will receive a CD with Print Release as well as a Custom Timeline Cover.

This can be photographed at my Studio or Outdoor Location Only. Outdoor Location must be within the 30 miles of 65337 postal code.

To reserve this special pricing your Summer Mini Session must be Paid In Full at the time of Booking and you must schedule to have your session photographed before 12/13/2015. This is first come, first served. Book now before it’s too late!!! Please note that if your invoice is not paid within 48 hours, it will be Canceled and your spot will be opened back up. ALL SESSIONS FOR THE SUMMER MINIS MUST BE PAID IN FULL AT THE TIME OF BOOKING!!!

Contact Rose Lee by text today at 816.699.8100, Facebook, or Email at


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How much are your Wedding Event Packages?
Prices start out at $1,500 and if you haven’t viewed my Wedding Pricing, you can do so by clicking here.

Do you travel?
Yes, I do! Locations further than 30 miles from the 65305 area code will require an additional fee of $1 per additional mile (to and from event location) and will be added on to your final event price. Please be sure to double check if you are unsure if the town you live in will require the travel fee or contact me.

How far in advance should I schedule my event?
The sooner you book the better. Spots will fill up fast, especially weekends. Weddings are best booked at least six months to a year in advanced.

How do I go about reserving you for my event?
A non-refundable deposit of $300 is due via PayPal within 48 hours of booking your event with me. If your retainer fee is not paid within 48 hours of booking your event, I will cancel the electronic invoice and the date we discussed will no longer be available to you.

When is the remaining amount due for my event?
The full balance is due one month before your event, no exceptions. This can be paid via Cash or PayPal only.

Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, as long as PayPal accepts it we accept it. All debit or credit transactions will be done through PayPal.

How do you dress?
I usually put my right leg in first… just kidding! I usually wear dress pants and a dress shirt to your event. I may even try to color coordinate with the colors of your event. I feel I blend in more that way, than stick out as a sore thumb if I wear a dress suit. I usually don’t wear anything around my neck as it tends to get in the way of my camera gear.

Do you take Black and White photos?
Yes, I provide you with both color as well as black and white photos.

Do you photograph more than one event?
No, your Wedding Date is reserved exclusively for you.

Do you have backup equipment?
Yes, I do!

How many pictures will you take at my event?
This answer will vary depending on the package you purchased but if I had to guess I can say anywhere over 350 images for approximately eight hours of coverage.

Do you offer digital negatives?
Again, this answer will also vary depending on the package you purchased but, yes I do offer digital negatives from your event.

Do you offer Engagement pictures?
Yes, I do offer an Engagement session throughout the Whiteman Air Force Base and surrounding areas with each Wedding event package purchased. If you live outside of the 30 mile radius or are not willing to travel to my local area for an Engagement session then the travel charges will apply of $1 per additional mile (to and from location) and will be added on to your final event price.

Are two photographers better than one?
Not necessarily. For the majority of weddings, one good photographer is enough. Of course, there are events that are too large for one photographer to be sufficient and we do suggest that those with more then 150 people probably call for two photographers.

Do you use assistants?
Since we are there to document your wedding in a more natural way, I don’t typically use an assistant. With our documentary approach, assistants would actually get in the way and we would not be able to blend in and tell the story as it unfolds. Assistants are used more by traditional photographers who tend to do lots of posing. With RLP, if you hire two photographers you get two photographers and not a primary and their helper. Each photographer will work extremely hard to assure that your coverage is seamless and your experience is excellent.

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What to Wear FAQ’s

New clients always ask what should I wear to my session? I often suggest, wear an outfit that makes you feel good, fits well and is timeless; casual-dressy and most of all comfortable. It doesn’t have to be always the matching tops and bottoms for groups, unless it is the look you are going for. Families and Engagement sessions, make sure your colors complement each other but stay away from busy patterns. Bring additional options and keep in mind for outdoors that there may not be a place to change. Go for your best look. Have your hair and make-up done if you feel like it. Everybody loves looking like a million dollars! Do it for your session. Feel free to look on the internet for ideas, on my blog or Facebook and see what my other clients have collaborated together and used, Pinterest also has great ideas too! This is the time to be creative and plan ahead.



Grown-ups and Big Kids 
1. The first key to achieving a great look is to find or buy clothing that’s comfortable. It should fit nicely- not too loose or to tight, easy to move around in. Clothing should hang well without creases and folds. You should always dress for full – length shots, so your shoes all the way up to your head should be styled and in good shape. And don’t forget that (weather permitting) barefoot is usually best.

2. Let your personality shine through! We don’t want everyone wearing khaki pants or jeans and white polo’s here. It’s so boring! If it’s a group shot, coordinating – but different colors work best. Wear your favorite color, a bold color that matches your eyes, or anything you love. Simple but not busy patterns and pops of color always look great.


3. Layers are lovely! We’re talking about LAYERS and TEXTURES here. Think about scarves, jackets, skirts/dresses over leggings, sweaters, blazers, buttons, denim, chunky knits and corduroy. Accessories are fabulous like flower headbands, hats, purses, chunky necklaces, ties, etc. Favorite toys or books. Bring them all- the more to choose from the better!

4. Pick a theme. What theme you ask? Here are some ideas I LOVE for babies and kids: Bohemian; Vintage Romance; Forest Friends; Jeans and Fur; Punk Rock. For engagement pictures, choose a theme that highlights something special you share. Maybe it’s a love of books or that you spend lots of time hiking, camping, fishing, etc.


5. What to avoid? Well, definitely avoid wearing matching outfits in family pictures. It’s also best to stay away from logos and character wear. We want the focus to be on you, not Dora and Diego!

6. Make sure the clothing fits the season as well as the location of the session, and if it’s a group everyone should be dressed at the same level of formality (dressy, casual, trendy, etc.)


7. For maternity photos, be yourself! Jeans with a real waist, stretchy tops that hug the belly, or even a long skirt or flowing dress. We want the focus to be on the belly 🙂


8. Newborns should be dressed in just a diaper, since the majority of the pictures will be in the nude or just diaper. Accessories are important for newborn shoots, so if you have hats, blankets, scarves, quilts, headbands, baskets, bowls, etc. And if you have a special outfit you just have to have captured, bring it out!


Additional steps and advice, if you still need help!

Step 1:
Choose clothing for one person first

You don’t have go out and buy all new outfits for your photo. Most times, you can get a great look by building your clothing around one person’s outfit. It’s usually best to start with the person in the group who has the least amount of clothes or who is hardest to pick an outfit for. Look through their closet for a great piece you want them to wear for the photos. You might also consider buying an outfit for that person and going from there.

Step 2:
Build the rest of the group’s outfits based on the first person

General rules to remember when choosing outfits 

Keep in mind where you are going to be shooting
Are you going to be indoors or outdoors? Is the area paved, muddy, rocky, or grassy? What kind of colors would look best in that setting? If you will be outside, it’s a good idea to wear clothes you would be comfortable sitting on the ground in.

Stick to one style
Make sure everyone in the group is wearing one style of clothing such as classy (formal wear, suits, dresses, etc.), casual (shorts, t-shirts, sandals, etc.), or contemporary (a mixture of classy and casual–like a dressy top with jeans and heels).

Avoid loud patterns or huge logos or words on an outfit
Smaller patterns on part of an outfit look fine, but keep it to one or two people in your group. Patterns should compliment each other, not draw attention away from the main subject of the photo, you!

Colors don’t have to match, but they do need to go together
Clothing from the same color pallette or based on colors in one outfit tend to create a cohesive look without feeling too “matchy.” We love fun and vibrant colors; they help the portraits “pop” off the screen or print, but remember, the emphasis of the photos should be on your faces, not your clothing.

Think about shades of black and white
Since your package may include images in black and white, you will want to think about how your outfits would appear in those shades.

ring accessories and props that pull together the outfit
Using props and accessories is a good way to get different looks out of a single outfit. Think about things that characterize you and your personality: scarves, purses, shoes, items from your line of work, hobbies, and interests. Props and accessories are especially useful in spot color photography.

Hands and Feet
Often, we will take photos of details like hand-holding, rings, and family feet! Remember to clean and trim nails for these shots. For feet, if you have matching shoes or shoes in the same shade, that’s a plus. Of course, we love bare feet too!!!!

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