What to Expect – Important Information



The day of your photo session has arrived!
You might be super excited, or super nervous, or maybe a little of both!
Not to worry, if you have already read this page then hopefully most of your worries have been put to ease.


Family sessions are outdoors and usually take place two hours after sunrise or two hours or so before sunset.  This is known as the “golden hour” and it brings the most beautiful, dreamy light into your pictures.  Milestone sessions will take place in the afternoon in my home where I have set up my small studio.  It will be a comfortable place for baby and you will be able to sit back and relax.

We will take our time during your session, making sure that you and your little ones are relaxed and have a great time!  If being in front of the camera makes you nervous, don’t worry!  For me, the best part about being a photographer is capturing those moments in-between shots when no one is even looking at me. Those  are my favorite shots to get.  But for those family portraits, I will help to direct you so that you look your natural best.

Here is what to expect:

1- Once I arrive I will take some time to get to know you and your family, if we are on-location I will show you the areas that we will be utilizing. I will also be more than happy to go over any props/outfits that you may have with you for the session.

2- Most likely we will start with a fun activity that will get everyone comfortable in front of the camera, with children I like to sing a nursery song or play a very quick game. It helps break the ice.

3- Once you and your family have gotten used to me and my camera, I will be able to start capturing real connection and genuine emotion as you go about your activities. This is my favorite part!

4- The whole session typically lasts between 1-3 hours, depending on the type of session. I want to have enough time to get great shots of your family, and leave enough time for feeding/snacks, diaper changes, and the unexpected!  I try to make the session a great experience for everyone, but occasionally a child might not feel like participating in an activity, or have a little meltdown. That’s ok!!! Depending on the situation, we could try that activity later, or get shots of your other kids, or simply take a break and play or eat a snack. There is plenty of time for all of that in your session!


After your session, I’m probably just as excited as you to see the images!  I begin my process with culling through all of the pictures I’ve taken and save them to an external hard drive, just in case.  Within the first 48 hours after your session, I’ll post a couple sneak peeks on my Facebook (with your permission).  Make sure you like and are following my account so that you can be tagged in them and show them off to all your friends!  Then, I go through and edit all of the images.  Your images will be ready in about 2-8 weeks after your session via your own custom online gallery.  Your gallery will remain live for 30 days to place your order.  Once I’ve gathered and placed your order, I’ll make arrangements with you within 2-4 weeks to have your products delivered!!!


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