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Frequent Additonally Asked Questions

Do you travel?
Yes, I do! Locations further than 30 miles from the 65337 area code will require an additional fee of $1 per additional mile (there and back) and will be added on to your final session price. Please be sure to double check if you are unsure if the town you live in will require the travel fee or just contact me.

Where do you take your photos at?
I am an on-location photographer, so I can take your photos anywhere that your heart desires, within a moderation of course! However, I do have a quaint and small studio set-up at my home with some backdrops. You must mention at the time of booking, if you would like a studio session.

Can we take the photos at more than one location?
By all means, Yes! A second location will be an additional $30.00 charge that will be added to the price of your final session. Plus travel, if applicable.

How far in advance should I schedule a session?
Depending on the season, I typically book close to two months out. I suggest planning ahead! Occasionally I will have an opening or a canceled session, contact me as soon as possible to inquire, to confirm, or ask about a specific date you have in mind!

How do I schedule a session?
You can begin your scheduling process by contacting me. Please fill out the contact form completely and I will respond back within a timely manner.

Is there anything I should know before scheduling a session?
Before scheduling your session it is important that you have taken time to look through my website. By looking through my recent sessions on my blog or Facebook, you can get a feel for my photography style. My style consists of natural, casual moments, captured in a bright and playful way! It’s also important to have an understanding of my session pricing.

What kind of equipment do you shoot with?
I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark II body, off camera flash and the following canon lens:
50mm f1.4
40mm f2.8
85mm f1.8
70-200mm f1.4

Do you have backup equipment?

Can you hold my date without a retainer fee?
Unfortunately, no. I require a non-refundable retainer fee to reserve your date. If your retainer fee is not paid within 48 hours of booking your session, I will cancel the electronic invoice and the date we discussed will no longer be available to you.

When is the remaining amount for my session due?
I do have a few options for this. The remaining about can be due one week before your session via an electronic invoice. If paying by check, the check must be mailed to me and cleared the bank one week before your session. If you check does not clear I require a $30 ‘bad check fee’ and your session must be paid via an electronic invoice or cash 48 hours before your session and finally you can pay with cash the day of your session. Your session must be paid for before any picture taking will begin.

Will we own the copyrights to the images from our session?
No. I retain the copyright to all images that I take however, you will receive a personal print release to use the images for personal printing, social media, blogs, etc.

What should I expect during my session?
At the start of your session I will take a moment to get to know everyone. With young children we may begin with our best dance moves or a quick game of Simon Says. I will give direction during your time, but mostly I want you to interact with each other just as you would if I were not 20 feet away from you. Those are the moments you’ll remember most years from now!

When is the best time to have a session photographed?
I usually ask parents to pick a time where their children are relaxed but energetic, working around their feeding and nap times is best. Available studio times may differ, please contact me to see if the time you’d like is available. When shooting outdoors, the most beautiful light for portraits is usually captured early in the morning or right before sunset. Parks and urban locations provide shaded areas that let me get the best of your pictures. Getting to the location before the actual time of the session is always a great idea, especially when there are kids involved. The extra time lets them adapt and don’t feel pressured. One of the benefits of shooting outdoors is that you get a different background just by moving a few feet. It gives kids more space to run and feel free. Most times they don’t even notice we are actually doing a photography session. That environment lets me capture the best of what my style of photography is all about.

Where will my session be?
That my friend, is up to you. Word from the wise… Choose wisely; Parks, Beaches (if they were local), and Urban settings provide amazing backgrounds. When picking a location, make sure it’s a place that reflects your personalities or has a special meaning. My job as photographer is to help you choose the best place. My style of photography allows me to incorporate your favorite location into your images.

What if the weather is horrible?
If the weather takes a turn for the worst (rain, wind, snow) then we will reschedule on the next available date. If the rain is light and bearable and your family doesn’t mind getting a tiny bit wet, then we can plan for a fun raincoat & boots session! I’m open to ideas!

How long will the session last?
I find that my clients (and myself!) loosen up and relax right around 20-30 minutes in. A portrait session for 1-2 individuals lasts approximately 45 minutes to an hour. A Family Session for 3-5 individuals lasts approximately 1.5-2 hours. I work according to how everyone else is feeling. I do my best to keep everyone comfortable and happy as well as fun, but sometimes we may end things on a shorter note. Especially when children cannot bear even one more second in front of the camera.

Do you offer reshoots?
Yes and No. If a child is particularly fussy, gets sick during the session, or is having an off day, I will let you know if we should just call it a day and try again later. Normally, we can judge this within the first 10-15 minutes of the session.

Who should I bring?
Please bring only the person(s) who will be photographed in your session. Extra people are distractions, especially for little ones. With children I prefer to work one-on-one. I will often ask that the parents sit back and relax so I can have your child’s full attention. It’s much easier for them to give me their best natural smile when I’m being silly than when mom and dad are begging (or sometimes threatening!) at the same time behind me. I’m a pretty goofy person so with a little bit of humiliating myself, those adorable giggles tend to come out!

What do we wear?
I suggest fun colors that are true to your personality! Casual Sunday is a great expression for style. Nice enough for church, but not so dressy that you wouldn’t go to a picnic at the park. While it’s important to match, it doesn’t mean that everyone should wear the same color. Instead, I suggest coordinating colors and adding layers and accessories to make it more fun! Something to keep in mind while planning your attire is what you’ll be doing with the images from your session! Are they going in an album? Maybe you’re getting a Canvas wall display? You may choose to coordinate your clothing and accessories to match the style of your home & décor! My home has lots of neutral/natural colors, so I tend to stick with neutral outfits accessorized with fun pops of color! Are you still stuck? Click HERE to check out my what to wear guides!

How long after our session until we can see the images?
Your images will be available in an online gallery within 2-8 weeks from the date your session. Your online gallery will be live for 30 days with an option to upgrade.

Why does it take so long?
After your session, I am busy “developing” your photographs as well as being a mommy to an eight year old, a very demanding four year old with learning disabilities, and a very eager to learn energetic driven one year old. I touch {edit} every image that will be placed in your online gallery and that my friend, takes time!

Will my images be posted on social networking sites?
Yes, some of the images or sneak peeks will be posted on Facebook, my blog, etc.

How long will it take to receive my order?
If you purchased prints and/or products, you can expect delivery approximately 7-14 days after an order is placed and payment is received.

Do you offer a CD in any of your sessions?
Yes, I still do. However, CD’s are slowly becoming a thing of the past! Before we know it, they’ll be collecting dust with the VHS, Floppy Discs, and Cassette tapes we all used to love.

How long do you keep my images on file?
Your files are kept for 30 days, after that period all final images will be stored externally for up to one year. Within that year, if you would like to place another order, this includes replacing a lost or stolen CD, a $50 minimum order applies. Beyond that year, files may be permanently deleted.

What if I don’t like the prints or something is wrong with my order?
Quality is of utmost importance to me! I want you to be proud to display your custom portraits in your home. When you pick up your order, I will look through it with you to make sure everything is correct. Due to the nature of custom photography, there are no refunds on prints and products. However, I want you to love your custom products and if you are not completely satisfied I will work with you to find a solution.

Don’t see your questions here? No problem, be sure to get in touch with me and I will try to answer them in a timely manner!

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